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Name: Sophia Nate
Class: Scientist
Type: Grass/Steel
Level: 70
Ability: Child of Knowledge Unbound + Engineer

Abilities: Details Here.
Spell List / Engineered Items

Additional Trainer Info
Sophia is currently suffering from accute amnesia, and has no memory of her past prior to showing up at the Verdant Forest Shrine. Said memories will likely start returning over time, with evolutions, player plots and game events to bring these weak memory links to the surface.

  • IC Warp Band/Appointments Contact Page

  • BNW Application
  • Thread Tracker

  • Warp Band
  • Journal
  • Survey Notebook
  • 1x Glowing Crystal
  • 1x Venusarite
  • 1x Good Rod
  • 1x Super Rod
  • 1x Sceptilite
  • 1x Lucarionite


    Pokémon Bonded: 25
  • Level Tracking
  • Dream World Bonding Attempt: 1

    Bonded Pokémon

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